Think2Read 2024 (Finalist ERA Awards – Supplier of the Year 2015)
is seeking an e-learning partner to further develop
our exciting new early years programme.

The Story of Think2Read

For over a decade Think2Read’s pioneering e-learning platform has provided teachers and families with an evidence-based programme and workshops for developing early reading comprehension strategies and collaborative enquiry skills.

The first step if you want to establish independent learning and enquiry across the curriculum.

When teachers follow the Think2Read programme carefully and are fully committed to it, children make good progress in reading.

Think2Read fulfils most of the skills of the new curriculum in Wales because it asks children to summarise, predict, evaluate and make connections when they read text – in other words to understand, and enjoy, what they are reading.

Accessing Think2Read Resources

Our explicit, metacognitive model builds learning self-confidence, a love of reading and offers a trailblazing approach for teaching youngsters how to question and self-monitor their understanding as they read and learn across the primary curriculum.

To ensure schools continue to receive an efficient online service from us, we are reviewing the way we deliver our digital teaching and assessment resources going forwards. Therefore, Think2Read’s online platform will no longer be available in its current form from February 2nd 2024.

Think2Read Books

In the meantime, teachers will be able to reach us if necessary through our contact page, or purchase our whole-school programme and exciting new early years teaching/assessment reading skills resources in printed form. Available from book publishers Routledge, Scholastic and main outlets, e.g. Waterstones, W.H Smiths, Ebay, Amazon worldwide.

Thomson D. (2024) Developing Early Comprehension Skills Through Picture Book Talk: A Step By Step Guide for the Early Years Foundation Stage, Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group: Scholastic (Available from Amazon): Thomson D. (2016) ‘Scholastic Comprehension Skills Series.’