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‘Think2Read is a generic skills programme that shows children how to process
their thinking to make meaning. All ages and abilities can join in
– there is nothing else like it around!’
Trish Gavins, Principle of Whetley Primary Academy, Bradford
Slide backgroundTeaching children how to read, question
and make meaning for themselves

KS1 & 2 Literacy/Reading Comprehension Enquiry Skills

The SPECtacular Reading Mission® programme helps children across the ability range to summarise, predict, clarify
and generate/answer their own literal, inference and evaluative questions. These core literacy strategies enable them to
develop meaning for themselves in collaborative teams across the curriculum and provides them with a context for
learning how to apply grammar, language and inference skills for writing.

About Reading Mission

Introduce the children to the SPECtaculars, a set of engaging characters who represent each key reading strategy and teach them how to crack comprehension, think for themselves and make meaning of text together.

The ‘SPECtacular ReadingMission’ Comprehension Skills programme offers a complete teaching resource of six modules with over 30 detailed lesson plans, quality activities and in-depth assessments.

Programme resources

  • 30 quality full-colour animated whiteboard lessons
  • Print-out activities
  • Fiction & non-fiction video footage
  • Print-out lesson plans,
  • Colour posters,
  • Top author’s resources,
  • Intermediate and final assessments
  • Comprehensive teacher guidance.

Meet the SPECtaculars
and learn literal, inferential
evaluative questioning.

Meet the SPECtaculars
and learn literal, inferential
evaluative questioning.

Meet the SPECtaculars
and learn literal, inferential
evaluative questioning.

‘My Y6 class found the SPEC skills and character analogies particularly helpful.  The way the programme addresses specific skills explicitly, enables the children to understand clearly what they need to do, and all children, including SEN, have benefited from the programme’.

Sally BlakeYear 6 Teacher, Worsborough Bank End Primary School, Barnsely

Think2Read is a generic skills programme that shows children how to process their thinking to make meaning. All ages and abilities can join in – there is nothing else like it around!’

Trish GavinsHead Teacher, Whetley Primary Academy, Bradford

‘The Think2Read programme has made a real impact on our children’s overall learning and SATs results this year. 92% of our 75 Year 6 children achieved a Level 4 or 5 reading result…. Inspectors to the school were impressed by the children’s ability to self-evaluate and work collaboratively.

Kraig WilkinsonLiteracy Co-ordinator, Leighswood school, Walsall.

‘I can say with confidence that children across the school have not only developed a love of reading through Think2Read, they have also acquired an understanding of why we read and how to use the SPEC skills to support their learning across a range of subjects’.

Literacy Co-ordinatorDartington Primary School, Devon.

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Can we help you with Training?

Question & Answers

The Think2Read comprehension sessions are strategic and contain progressive steps that need to be incorporated into planning at least once a week. This allows the children to practice these new skills and see how they apply to a range of other learning situations before the next ‘Reading Mission’ focus. The remainder of the week will almost certainly offer a number of opportunities for this.

Although most sessions are one hour in length – be prepared for some valuable team activities and discussion to run on. It is always worthwhile to check and plan ahead for this accordingly to achieve consistent results.

Since the programme takes a year to complete on a weekly basis – children rarely remember the skills resources in detail and usually enjoy revisiting familiar text to delve even deeper to generate questions. This offers them an opportunity to revise their skills and consolidate them further. However, if you would prefer to offer them unseen text to practice their skills – you can always choose a text that suits the purpose.

The ‘Reading Mission’ is designed to cater for all abilities to work together. This is because the programme focuses for one hour a week on strategies for ‘understanding’ rather than ‘decoding’ skills. Team roles ensure that every child has a strength that supports their team. Children who are fluent readers support those who struggle with decoding and those with comprehension strengths support children who struggle to infer from pictures and text and so on within the teams. They model and learn the skills they need from their teacher and from each other. This is reciprocal reading at its best.

Yes, it is a generic literacy programme based on core strategies for making meaning that that can be applied to any learning situation.

For copy-right reasons printers need to seek permission from Think2Read to copy artwork from the programme. So if you would like to order professional print outs of posters or artwork for your classroom, please contact us and we will do this for you.

Following payment, the purchaser of the programme registers a username and password to open an account for the school. This username and password is then passed on to staff so they can access the resources.

Yes the programme is a one-off payment that allows school staff to download the materials from their Think2Read account within a year of purchase and store the resources on their own systems for future use.

No, you will be in breach of copyright if the ‘Reading Mission’ programme and resources you have purchased are copied in any way or shared with other schools and interested parties without permission from Think2Read.

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