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The Story Talk resources are being updated so are currently unavailable.

Think2Read’s ‘SPECtacular Story Talk’ is an interactive toolkit designed by reading specialist Donna Thomson to boost children’searly reading skills and encourage greater reading for meaning and enjoyment at home.

Each SPEC bookmark has prompts and interactive features that gently introduce children to memorable reading and life-long learning skills that help them to:

Summarise (retell the main points of the story);

Predict (guess what may happen next);

Enquire (ask and answer questions about the characters and what is happening);

Clarify (make sense of unknown words, images and ideas).

Bookmark Kit

Help your child to explore ‘The Trail of Crumbs’ and any other book in-depth with these engaging interactive Story Talk bookmarks. The moving parts help your child make links and predictions, ask questions, clarify meanings and retell the story with confidence.

The kit includes step by step Story Talk guidance, book marks instructions and tips for parents and children, PLUS a ‘Smiley Face Chart’ to celebrate you and your child’s SPECtacular Story Talk!

It helps your child to:

  • Make meaning.
  • Develop vocabulary, communication and thinking skills.
  • Develop imagination.
  • Understand other’s points of views.
  • Develop a love of reading and books.
  • Nurture curiosity – central to meaningful learning.